What is Geekeasy?

Geekeasy is a relaxed gathering of geeky/techy/creative types, who have an interest in learning and perhaps working together. It’s very friendly, and you’ll find an interesting mix of people to talk to.

Code Club meet up: helping grow Derby’s next generation of programmers

Code ClubCode Club is a national after school club that is available for 9 to 11 year olds.

It keeps your pre-teens entertained by giving them their first experience of computer programming. As a not-for-profit organisation Code Club offers free materials to primary school across the country.

The organisation wants to increase the number of clubs in Derby. It’s holding a meeting at the Silk Mill on Sunday 21 December. Starting at 1.30pm, existing club volunteers will be there to give you information.

Find the details for the event here. The East Midlands regional co-ordinator is Katharine Childs and you can follow the goings on at the Code Club Twitter account.

Tech conference showcasing Derby’s #1 high tech city status

Derby has been named the UK’s City of the Future and was also placed 3rd on the fDi ‘Top Ten Small European Cities’ award.

All exciting stuff, and now 7th national NextGen conference is coming to the Silk Mill museum in Derby on 11 and 12 November. Continue reading