What is Geekeasy?

Geekeasy is a relaxed gathering of geeky/techy/creative types, who have an interest in learning and perhaps working together. It’s very friendly, and you’ll find an interesting mix of people to talk to.

Is it art or is it architecture? Thinking about the space around us in a new way

Natalie North, architecture student in her last year of Architectural Venue design at Derby talked about the blurred lines between art and architecture at February’s Geekeasy.

The talk was called: Parasitic architecture or sculptural installation. A look into the labels we apply and whether the distinction between sculpture and architecture should be more blurred. Continue reading

Full frontal nerdity comes to Derby

Attention all geeks!

Derby and Nottingham are playing host to a bunch of nerds… specifically sci-curious comedians!

This spring, the Festival of the Spoken Nerd is rolling into town with a raft of weird and wonderful science-based comedy and entertainment. They’ve made it quite clear to us there will also be a lot of full frontal nerdity. Continue reading