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Mr Frostbite’s Geekeasy love-in

Nigel Vardy graced us with a recounting of his mountaineering experiences in February.

For over 20 years, Nigel Vardy has adventured across the globe. Known for his high-altitude exploits and severe frostbite injuries, Nigel has also hacked through dense rainforests, carried out challenging relief work and lived in remote communities.

Regardless of the country or climate, Nigel has a thirst to experience whatever is ‘Over the Horizon’. The world may be extensively mapped, and the internet can show images of anything, anywhere, but there is nothing like sticking your head over the ridge, or round the corner to see what’s there with your own eyes.

To experience the depth and proportion of a mountain range, the river valley which cuts through the jungle or a tiny flower hiding behind a rock is what adventure is all about.
It has to involve risk, and Nigel is no stranger to that. Having almost lost his life and suffered great injury because of his exploits, Nigel enjoys every new vista with delight.

He was recently surrounded by avalanches in the Himalayas, and found himself once again in the media spotlight during the tragic disasters in Nepal. Will this stop him from poking his head over the parapet? Probably not.

Nigel had this to say after his talk, “I recently spoke at Geekeasy in Derby about what makes me look ‘Over the Horizon’. I’ve climbed and travelled for many years, and always have the inquisitiveness do a child. I’m forever asking why, where, how etc and constantly looking for new experiences.

I shared my journey from birth to the present day, questions people’s thoughts and ideas on how they want to push themselves ‘Over the Horizon’. Thanks to Geekeasy for allowing me to speak on what turned out the be a highly enjoyable occasion.”

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Code Club meet up: helping grow Derby’s next generation of programmers

Code ClubCode Club is a national after school club that is available for 9 to 11 year olds.

It keeps your pre-teens entertained by giving them their first experience of computer programming. As a not-for-profit organisation Code Club offers free materials to primary school across the country.

The organisation wants to increase the number of clubs in Derby. It’s holding a meeting at the Silk Mill on Sunday 21 December. Starting at 1.30pm, existing club volunteers will be there to give you information.

Find the details for the event here. The East Midlands regional co-ordinator is Katharine Childs and you can follow the goings on at the Code Club Twitter account..