Geekeasy 2.0: A change in organisation


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Christine writes: After three years of organising the nerdiest meetup in town, I’m passing the Chief Geek Hat to Sam and Glyn. My intention was always for Geekeasy to be a collaborative and evolving group, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with it!

I’ve had an absolute ball – and will still be coming along – but it’s time for me to focus on my business. Derby needs friendly events like Geekeasy so I want to thank all of you for coming along and being so enthusiastic every month.


Gotta love Sam and his dedication to After Eights :-)

My highlights include:

  • Peakeasy this summer – walking around the Peaks in the rain has never been so much fun
  • the After Eight cake Sam made for our first birthday
  • the excuse to munch samosas every month

It’s never been a better time to be a geek so it’s over to you Sam and Glyn…


Pedro’s talk on beer was one of our most popular

At Peakeasy

Giggling in the pub on our Peakeasy walk


Loved the future of history talk by Jonathan Wallis


Tech conference showcasing Derby’s #1 high tech city status

Derby has been named the UK’s City of the Future and was also placed 3rd on the fDi ‘Top Ten Small European Cities’ award.

All exciting stuff, and now 7th national NextGen conference is coming to the Silk Mill museum in Derby on 11 and 12 November. Continue reading

Full frontal nerdity comes to Derby

Attention all geeks!

Derby and Nottingham are playing host to a bunch of nerds… specifically sci-curious comedians!

This spring, the Festival of the Spoken Nerd is rolling into town with a raft of weird and wonderful science-based comedy and entertainment. They’ve made it quite clear to us there will also be a lot of full frontal nerdity. Continue reading

Derby geeks celebrate a year of networking group

GeekEasy Derby 11th July 2013

Self-confessed ‘geeks’ in Derby are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their group Geekeasy Derby, where they discuss all things nerdy over a pint or two.

Mixing networking and socialising with a focus on intelligent discussion, the geeks meet in the Furnace Inn on Duke Street, on the second Thursday of the month from 6pm. It’s free to attend, you buy your own drinks, and the pub also provides free samosas to attendees. Continue reading

Why you should try indie games

usb joypad and windows laptop

When I was a kid I played a lot of video games. Some by big publishers, others were indie games by small studios and individuals. Things were simple back then: Run left, run right, jump. I enjoyed those games, I could play those games. But then in the mid nineties 3D happened and everything got complicated. The arrival of the first Playstation brought with it amazing new possibilities and over time games became about vast landscapes, film-like visuals and complexity. Games were now about breathtaking visuals and multi-million dollar budgets. They were more like films and I found I could no longer relate to them. A lot of the games I grew up on were designed and programmed by people like me, small teams of geeks working out of their spare bedrooms. It seemed that there was no room for people like that in the modern gaming industry where teams of hundreds worked for years to produce the next blockbuster. The simple platform games and puzzlers I loved had vanished forever. Or so I thought.

Continue reading

Looking for a job? Then try here

There are often geeky and IT jobs being advertised, so I thought I would post them here, as a place to start. Get in touch with Christine if you’d like to post a vacancy here.

Lindsay Collins at SkillVault says:

We are currently working with four progressive and expanding IT Companies in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester and are looking for Permanent Developers ranging from Graduates through to experienced and also a Development Manager. We also have a number of other IT roles.

If you’re interested then get in touch with Lindsay on her direct line: 0121 435 2713 or by emailing her here..

Why you should try… baking your own bread

The oven timer beeps. You open the door to the smell of warm delicious bread. The beer in it has made it soft and light. You leave it for a few minutes to cool whilst you melt a whole Camembert studded with garlic and thyme and drizzled with maple syrup and olive oil. You slice the batons and dip them into the sweet, garlicky, gooey cheese. It tastes all the better for having been kneaded and crafted by your hands. You take a sip of red wine. A perfect lunch.

This recipe and more can be found in Bread: The definitive guide to making bread by hand or machine by Sara Lewis. It’s worth noting that I made the bread the old-fashioned way as baking your own bread will always lead to a better load (and it’s immensely satisfying to have kneaded and worked the bread by hand). The camembert recipe can be found here..

Five Podcasts for Web Designers

As a web designer and someone who runs my own business I always have a massive list of things to keep up with. There’s new technology to be aware of and loads of business tasks to keep track of. This is my list of podcasts for web designers; I find all of these really helpful and entertaining. Hopefully there’ll be some value in some of these (especially Homework) for other self-employed types too.

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