Why you should try…

Why you should try indie games

usb joypad and windows laptop

When I was a kid I played a lot of video games. Some by big publishers, others were indie games by small studios and individuals. Things were simple back then: Run left, run right, jump. I enjoyed those games, I could play those games. But then in the mid nineties 3D happened and everything got complicated. The arrival of the first Playstation brought with it amazing new possibilities and over time games became about vast landscapes, film-like visuals and complexity. Games were now about breathtaking visuals and multi-million dollar budgets. They were more like films and I found I could no longer relate to them. A lot of the games I grew up on were designed and programmed by people like me, small teams of geeks working out of their spare bedrooms. It seemed that there was no room for people like that in the modern gaming industry where teams of hundreds worked for years to produce the next blockbuster. The simple platform games and puzzlers I loved had vanished forever. Or so I thought.

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Why you should try… baking your own bread

The oven timer beeps. You open the door to the smell of warm delicious bread. The beer in it has made it soft and light. You leave it for a few minutes to cool whilst you melt a whole Camembert studded with garlic and thyme and drizzled with maple syrup and olive oil. You slice the batons and dip them into the sweet, garlicky, gooey cheese. It tastes all the better for having been kneaded and crafted by your hands. You take a sip of red wine. A perfect lunch.

This recipe and more can be found in Bread: The definitive guide to making bread by hand or machine by Sara Lewis. It’s worth noting that I made the bread the old-fashioned way as baking your own bread will always lead to a better load (and it’s immensely satisfying to have kneaded and worked the bread by hand). The camembert recipe can be found here..