Review: Helvetica, a documentary about typography, graphic design, and global visual culture

Last night I watched the feature-length documentary about the font Helvetica, directed by Gary Hustwit, and I urge you to see it too. Before I continue, a disclaimer: Helvetica and me have previous. I went to an exhibition dedicated to the font in New York several years ago, and it does already have a place in my heart.


That’s not to say I’d ignore criticism of it. For a start I hadn’t realised just how common it is. From street signs to logos to adverts; you really can’t walk more than a few feet without seeing it. And doesn’t that feel a bit boring? Continue reading

Book review: Execute


I recently became a founder member of a new web design focussed book club. (Yeah, I know.) The first book we decided to look at was Execute, a manifesto of sorts which extols the practice of acting immediately on your inspiration and not getting bogged down in endless planning. The book, by Josh Long and Drew Wilson, is itself is an example of this ideal having been conceived of, written and designed in just eight days. Whilst it is clearly aimed at web designers and developers (or ‘builders’ as they are referred to in the book) there is much here that could apply to anyone intent on taking control of their own projects.

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