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Derby geeks celebrate a year of networking group

GeekEasy Derby 11th July 2013

Self-confessed ‘geeks’ in Derby are celebrating the one-year anniversary of their group Geekeasy Derby, where they discuss all things nerdy over a pint or two.

Mixing networking and socialising with a focus on intelligent discussion, the geeks meet in the Furnace Inn on Duke Street, on the second Thursday of the month from 6pm. It’s free to attend, you buy your own drinks, and the pub also provides free samosas to attendees. Continue reading

The joy of stats: How market research works

Alison Bull from Looking Glass Research took us through the ins and outs of market research at June’s Geekeasy – and opened our eyes to the joys of stats.

With an impressive CV having worked for some top media companies including ITV and CNBC, Alison gave us a shock when she said she didn’t like the term ‘market research’! Continue reading

Market research survey: Please complete for June’s Geekeasy!

For June’s Geek Speak, Alison Bull from Looking Glass Research will be telling us about how getting into the detail of market research can help businesses. Ali’s worked at a variety of companies including ITV and CNBC, so has plenty of experience to share.

To help her presentation, please answer 10 quick questions about market research here:

Click here to take the survey about market research

Thank you!.

Learning about animation with Mair Perkins, Ben Haynes and Richie Phillips

The talk at May’s Geekeasy was about animation software. Mair Perkins, Ben Haynes and Richie Phillips explained what and how they use specialist software to create animated logos in their business AnimatID.

Logos can be animated in a variety of ways: some are simple movements of key parts of the logo, while others will be visually complex. The trio work together to come up with ideas and will storyboard the concept to help explain it to the client. Once agreed, they’ll get to work. Continue reading