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Call for Geekeasy speakers!

As you know, the Geek Speak is an integral part of the Geekeasy evening. Starting at around 6.30pm-ish, the speaker talks about a subject they’re passionate about for anywhere up to 30 minutes.

Some people have never spoken in public before, some prepare slides or just go with the flow – there’s no standard format.

Would you like to do a talk?  Continue reading

The psychology of a geek: February’s Geekeasy

The talk from the psychologist was the one we’d all been waiting for. Break it to me gently doc, how much of a geek am I?

Coretta Barry and Christine Cawthorne (l-r)

Coretta Barry and Christine Cawthorne (l-r)

Business psychologist Coretta Barry started off by defining what a geek is. It turns out there’s no absolute answer to that, so we mulled it over for a while and came up with our own definition (and the difference beween geeks and nerds is that the latter are sweets). Continue reading